The hallek electrical services sponsored - 2022 AMERICAN CUP CAR RACING Fixtures

Please note, you should check with the meeting promoter before travelling and all fixtures are subject to change.

Drivers: Please note Tech Inspection time for each meeting. And all fixtures are provisional please check web site for updates.

Key for Qualifiers

B/C-Q British Championship Qualifier Round,

D/P Double Points Round

2022 team championship sponsor - dw commercial vehicle services ltd

semi-pro championship sponsor - Page Motorsport
drivers - driver of the year - tjs photography

2022 Arrive and drive cars available see below table this is for car only contact for full details


Jack Hodges53193
Ben Lymn193173
Harry Tiller693038
Adam Slater242909
Andy Phillips82813
Juli Stanford112787
Paul Sweeney422757
Paul Allen252673
Jay Bato92659
Allen Hall772251
Trevor Sloggett731618
Charlie Taylor521496
Martin Farrington351387
Ross Naylar821345
Steve Stanford11317
Dave Watkiss4973
Chris Watkiss44820
Mark Travarthen21807
Tom Todhunter66756
Shuggy Brown7753
Richard Walker16718
Allen Forster93546
Scott Pratt13474
Gary Cobourne6  Hire454
Sid Harrison57352
Simon Gleadell81300
Tim Parry98286
John Castleton50284
David Walker29153
Jonathan Cooper59136
Jack Hodges5466
Ben Lymn19454
Andy Phillips8439
Harry Tiller69425
Juli Stanford11394
Adam Slater24385
Jay Bato9376
Paul Allen25330
Paul Sweeney42322
Ross Naylar82297
Allen Hall77258
Charlie Taylor52212
Martin Farrington35208
Tom Todhunter66198
Trevor Sloggett73193
Shuggy Brown7161
Chris Watkiss44156
Scott Pratt13143
Steve Stanford1142
Allen Forster93122
Gary Cobourne6  Hire92
Dave Watkiss485
ACCR Hire Car267
Mark Travarthen2158
Richard Walker1656
David Walker2952
Tim Parry9848
Chris Gilfoy7846
Harry Tiller691289
Ben Lymn191256
Jack Hodges51220
Adam Slater241142
Juli Stanford111112
Paul Sweeney421055
Paul Allen25953
Trevor Sloggett73906
Andy Phillips8873
Steve Stanford1846
Jay Bato9795
Ross Naylar82695
Charlie Taylor52590
Allen Hall77475
Richard Walker16450
Mark Travarthen21353
Sid Harrison57352
John Castleton50284
Allen Forster93183
Martin Farrington35160
Tom Todhunter66156
Gary Cobourne6  Hire152
Tim Parry98148
Jonathan Cooper59136
Harry Tiller691078
Jack Hodges51069
Ben Lymn191017
Andy Phillips8963
Paul Sweeney42921
Jay Bato9918
Adam Slater24917
Allen Hall77876
Juli Stanford11825
Paul Allen25799
Martin Farrington35707
Chris Watkiss44684
Ross Naylar82650
Scott Pratt13641
Charlie Taylor52619
Shuggy Brown7607
Tom Todhunter66600
Richard Walker16367
Dave Watkiss4360
Allen Forster93339
Trevor Sloggett73332
Steve Stanford1271
Chris Gilfoy78155
Watkiss Hire Car40153
David Walker29153
Tim Parry98138
Team Fox & Hornet19 & 694123
Team North West Racing5 & 83982
Team Slip & Slide11 & 243759
Team Allen25 & 773341
Team Target35 & 422712
Team Dropping the Hammer9 & 822439
Team Dave16 & 1 (22)1505
Team CVS4 & 441252
Team Flying Scotsmen 7 & 13823
Jay Bato92659
Trevor Sloggett731618
Charlie Taylor521496
Ross Naylar821337
Mark Travarthen21807
Allen Forster93546

Booking in to race

  • Booking in to Race is now done either via Incarace Spedeworth or via Juli on messenger for non Incarace / Spedeworth events please contact Juli for all bookings tel 07970183807 

Tyre Allocations 2022

In order to prevent tyre costs spiralling, ACCR UK drivers are allowed a maximum of 14 tyres per season

  • Each driver is allocation 4 slicks and 4 wets at the start of each season (Driver means licenced and Joined Before Round One) up to Round three then if the initial allocation of 4 + 4 is not taken this is reduced to max of 2 of each tyre after round three, after this point drivers then start earning extra allocation on meetings attended see rule book for full details. ( Exemption to this is any new drivers not previously licenced buying a car may take the initial 4 + 4 if joining during the season after round three)
  • Any tyres new not used in that season can be carried over but will come off your allocation for a genuine 14 tyre allocation for that season..

Documents & Downloads

ACCR UK Drivers please download the license application and Driver Members Official form and return both to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd for processing dont forget payment made out to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd and 3 x photos.

Junior ACCR UK Drivers Licence form download and return to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd with 3 x photos and payment made to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd

Do not return any forms direct to track promotions.

For Team Championship & Semi Pro option fill out above form and post with licence

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