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2024 Senior Hire Cars

Complete Season hire “Arrive & Drive” package is available: contact us for full details. This package includes transportation, fuel and tyres, and a full maintenance package. Excludes any repairs or damage, which will be invoiced at the standard rate of parts and labour. Painting, decals and sign writing etc and any personal preferences can be arranged at further cost. Only 1 “Arrive & Drive” package is left for the 2024 season.



Single meeting hire rates: see table above. This excludes damage, which will be invoiced at the standard rate of parts and labour, £28 p/hr.

Deals on multiple meetings or full season arrive and driver Hire or you purchase the car and we look after it and deliver to the meetings all available at request contact for full details.


Harry Tiller –  Pro12660
Adam Slater – Pro242524
Ben Lymn – Pro192513
Lee Robbins – Pro72508
Steve Stanford- Pro222453
Juli Stanford – Pro112313
Allen Hall – Pro772009
Terrance Booth R – Pro131870
Ross Nayler – Semi Pro821601
Martin Whaley R – Pro811589
Jamie Battison – Semi Pro91556
Paul Allen – Pro251450
Mark Travarthen – Pro211432
Stratton Mackay – Semi Pro181268
Trevor Sloggett – Semi Pro731130
Mark Carnwell – Semi Pro651102
Shane Geary R – Semi Pro78934
John Castleton- Semi Pro50823
James Clancy R – Semi Pro88678
Charlie Taylor – Semi Pro52675
Jon Evans R – Semi Pro80604
Chris Battison R – Semi Pro10406
Iain Hooker84162
Dan Morris – Semi Pro8158
Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points=
Harry Tiller –  Pro1341
Adam Slater – Pro24321
Lee Robbins – Pro7293
Ben Lymn – Pro19270
Ross Nayler – Semi Pro82268
Martin Whaley R – Pro81259
Juli Stanford – Pro11253
Trevor Sloggett – Semi Pro73253
Steve Stanford- Pro22221
Shane Geary R – Semi Pro78200
Jon Evans R – Semi Pro80198
Jamie Battison – Semi Pro9182
Paul Allen – Pro25182
Terrance Booth R – Pro13169
Allen Hall – Pro77161
Mark Carnwell – Semi Pro65157
Stratton Mackay – Semi Pro18148
Dan Morris – Semi Pro8122
Mark Travarthen – Pro21116
Chris Battison R – Semi Pro10101
Charlie Taylor – Semi Pro5298
Iain Hooker8458
James Clancy R – Semi Pro8856
John Castleton- Semi Pro5052
Drivers Name#Total PointsLochgelly 1st June
Heat 1
Lochgelly 1st June
Heat 2
Lochgelly 1st June
Lochgelly 2nd June
Heat 1
Lochgelly 2nd June
Heat 2
Lochgelly 2nd June
Harry Tiller15378782939382100
Steve Stanford225047878877487100
Adam Slater244956493786793100
Ben Lymn19504581008264100100
Lee Robbins749470876710070100
Juli Stanford115029370748778100
Allen Hall770      
Terrance Booth R133966158586158100
Paul Allen250      
Mark Travarthen214568264618267100
Martin Whaley R81353676164061100
Ross Naylar824457467707064100
Jamie Battison90      
Stratton Mackay18526100741007874100
Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Allen Hall77260
Steve Stanford22241
Stratton Mackay18234
Adam Slater24233
Jamie Battison9228
Lee Robbins7224
Ben Lymn19219
Trevor Sloggett73219
Mark Travarthen21200
Juli Stanford11197
Shane Geary R78178
Paul Allen25173
Martin Whaley R81173
Ross Naylar82173
Charlie Taylor52172
Terrance Booth R13158
Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Harry Tiller –  Pro1974
Trevor Sloggett – Semi Pro73911
Ben Lymn – Pro19873
Juli Stanford – Pro11861
Adam Slater – Pro24845
Lee Robbins – Pro7841
Steve Stanford- Pro22771
Shane Geary R – Semi Pro78756
Mark Carnwell – Semi Pro65697
Martin Whaley R – Pro81688
Allen Hall – Pro77683
Jon Evans R – Semi Pro80604
Ross Nayler – Semi Pro82588
Terrance Booth R – Pro13586
Jamie Battison – Semi Pro9552
Paul Allen – Pro25518
Stratton Mackay – Semi Pro18508
Charlie Taylor – Semi Pro52503
Chris Battison R – Semi Pro10406
Mark Travarthen – Pro21346
John Castleton- Semi Pro50332
Iain Hooker84162
Dan Morris – Semi Pro8158
Team Name Driver 1Driver 2Total Points
New Team 51973347
Slip and Slide11243197
Team 21822799
Team Outlaw22652410
Warburton Warriors77252334
The Café Racers18211762
Team TBC78811589
Team Battz9101275
New Team 35052989
Drivers Name#Total Points
Terrance Booth R – Pro131870
Martin Whaley R – Pro811589
Shane Geary R – Semi Pro78934
James Clancy R – Semi Pro88678
Jon Evans R – Semi Pro80604
Chris Battison R – Semi Pro10406
Iain Hooker R84162
Dan Morris – Semi Pro8158
Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Harry Tiller11149
Allen Hall771066
Adam Slater24951
Lee Robbins7949
Steve Stanford22937
Ben Lymn19917
Jamie Battison9776
Paul Allen25759
Juli Stanford11753
Terrance Booth R13730
James Clancy R88678
John Castleton50491
Mark Travarthen21430
Mark Carnwell65405
Ross Naylar82395
Martin Whaley R81375

Booking in to race

  • Booking in to Race is now done either via Incarace, Spedeworth or via Juli on Facebook Messenger. For non Incarace / Spedeworth events please contact Juli for all bookings tel. 07970183807. 

Tyre Allocations 2024

In order to prevent tire costs spiraling, ACCR UK drivers are only allowed a maximum of 10 tires per season 5 of each type.

  • Each driver is allocation 5 slicks and 5 wets at the start of each season you may swop 1 slick from your wet allocation or vis versa max of 10 tires in one season, these maybe taken at any time!
  • Any tires new not used in that season can be carried over but will come off your allocation for a genuine 10 tire allocation for that season

Documents & Downloads

ACCR UK Drivers please download the license application and Driver Members Official form and return both to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd for processing. Don’t forget:  payment made out to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd and 3 x photos.

Junior ACCR UK Drivers Licence form download and return to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd with 3 x photos and payment made to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd.

Do not return any forms direct to track promotions.

For Team Championship option fill out below form and post with licence please

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