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2023 Senior Hire Cars

Complete Season hire “Arrive & Drive” package is available: contact us for full details. This package includes transportation, fuel and tyres, and a full maintenance package. Excludes any repairs or damage, which will be invoiced at the standard rate of parts and labour. Painting, decals and sign writing etc and any personal preferences can be arranged at further cost. Only 1 “Arrive & Drive” package is left for the 2023 season.



Single meeting hire rates: see table above. This excludes damage, which will be invoiced at the standard rate of parts and labour, £28 p/hr.


Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Harry Tiller69544
Adam Slater24471
Allen Hall77455
Mark Travarthen21448
Juli Stanford11421
Paul Sweeney42419
Paul Allen25410
Ross Naylar82405
David Walker29394
Charlie Taylor52385
Gary Cobourn 66361
Stratton Mackay18347
Jack Hodges (5)1334
Trevor Sloggett73241
Ben Lymn19199
Mark Batterson10178
John Castleton50173
Dan Hastings55166
Allan Wibberley6152
Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Harry Tiller69200
Mark Travarthen21186
Adam Slater24169
Paul Sweeney42156
Ross Naylar82148
Allen Hall77141
Paul Allen25138
Gary Cobourn 66134
David Walker29125
Juli Stanford11118
Charlie Taylor52114
Stratton Mackay18108
Trevor Sloggett7378
John Castleton5058
Dan Hastings5556
Allan Wibberley654
Jack Hodges (5)152
Ben Lymn1952
Mark Batterson1050
Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Harry Tiller69275
Adam Slater24232
Paul Sweeney42231
Mark Travarthen21227
Juli Stanford11226
Paul Allen25223
David Walker29216
Ross Naylar82213
Allen Hall77212
Stratton Mackay18202
Charlie Taylor52201
Gary Cobourn 66201
John Castleton50173
Jack Hodges (5)1156
Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Harry Tiller69269
Allen Hall77243
Trevor Sloggett73241
Adam Slater24239
Mark Travarthen21221
Ben Lymn19199
Juli Stanford11195
Ross Naylar82192
Paul Sweeney42188
Paul Allen25187
Charlie Taylor52184
David Walker29178
Jack Hodges (5)1178
Mark Batterson10178
Dan Hastings55166
Gary Cobourn 66160
Allan Wibberley6152
Stratton Mackay18145
Team Name Driver 1Driver 2Total Points
Team 26982601
Team Linc Corvette7725586
Team Slip & Slide1124551
Team NorthWest Racing142545
Team SJS Racing2918508
Team Stilton Stingers2155382
Gary Cobourn 66361
Stratton Mackay18347
Mark Batterson10178
Dan Hastings55156
Allan Wibberley6152
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Booking in to race

  • Booking in to Race is now done either via Incarace, Spedeworth or via Juli on Facebook Messenger. For non Incarace / Spedeworth events please contact Juli for all bookings tel. 07970183807. 

Tyre Allocations 2023

In order to prevent tyre costs spiralling, ACCR UK drivers are only allowed a maximum of 12 tires per season 6 of each type.

  • Each driver is allocation 4 slicks and 4 wets at the start of each season (Driver means licence and Joined Before Round One) up to Round three then if the initial allocation of 4 + 4 is not taken this is reduced to max of 2 of each tire after round three, after this point drivers then start earning extra allocation on meetings attended see rule book for full details. ( Exemption to this is any new drivers not previously licence buying a car may take the initial 4 + 4 if joining during the season after round three)
  • Any tires new not used in that season can be carried over but will come off your allocation for a genuine 12 tire allocation for that season..
  • Green on table confirms signed off and used!

Documents & Downloads

ACCR UK Drivers please download the license application and Driver Members Official form and return both to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd for processing. Don’t forget:  payment made out to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd and 3 x photos.

Junior ACCR UK Drivers Licence form download and return to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd with 3 x photos and payment made to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd.

Do not return any forms direct to track promotions.

For Team Championship option fill out below form and post with licence please

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