The hallek electrical services sponsored - 2022 AMERICAN CUP CAR RACING Fixtures

Please note, you should check with the meeting promoter before travelling and all fixtures are subject to change.

Drivers: Please note Tech Inspection time for each meeting. And all fixtures are provisional please check web site for updates.

Key for Qualifiers

B/C-Q British Championship Qualifier Round,

D/P Double Points Round

2021 Hire car Rates (limited cars and dates available please contact to confirm)

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2022 team championship sponsor - dw commercial vehicle services ltd

semi-pro championship sponsor - Page Motorsport
drivers - driver of the year - tjs photography

2022 Arrive and drive cars available see below table this is for car only contact for full details

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Steve Stanford Pro22 (1)3759
Alan Hall Pro773593
Adam Slater Pro243482
Chris Watkiss Pro443376
Juli Stanford Pro113293
Andy Phillips Semi-Pro83124
Dave Watkiss Pro43033
Jack Hodges Semi -Pro52893
Ryan Allgood Pro382803
Ben Lymn Pro192588
Paul Sweeney Pro32358
Paul Allen Pro252323
Harry Tiller Pro692074
Rich Walker Pro122026
David Church Pro332013
Shuggy Brown Semi-Pro21598
Scott Pratt Semi-Pto131587
David Walker Pro291361
Nick Spicer Semi -Pro321199
Chris Gilfoy Semi-Pro781029
Paul Hinckley Semi -Pro99737
Steven Holgate Semi-Pro51729
Darren Anslow16644
Trevor Slogget Semi-Pro73525
Martin Farrington3472
Dom Tranquille Semi-Pro53472
Dan Ashton Semi-Pro14429
Jacob Roff40378
 Mark Tervarthen 18350
Ian Tervarthen18302
Craig Stamp Semi-Pro54300
Reece Grinnal42300
Craig Thompson3244
Karl Baker40192
Ben Taylor20186
Rob Smith Semi-Pro18146
Paul Lowe40146
Steve Stanford Pro22 (1)1467
Chris Watkiss Pro441451
Adam Slater Pro241402
Alan Hall Pro771268
Dave Watkiss Pro4988
Ryan Allgood Pro38981
Rich Walker Pro12957
Juli Stanford Pro11940
Nick Spicer Semi -Pro32934
Paul Allen Pro25913
Jack Hodges Semi -Pro5888
Ben Lymn Pro19886
Harry Tiller Pro69845
Paul Sweeney Pro3772
David Church Pro33764
Andy Phillips Semi-Pro8713
Dan Ashton Semi-Pro14429
Paul Hinckley Semi -Pro99415
Chris Gilfoy Semi-Pro78406
Steven Holgate Semi-Pro51398
Trevor Slogget Semi-Pro73339
Craig Thompson3244
 Mark Tervarthen 18208
David Walker Pro29202
Shuggy Brown Semi-Pro2202
Scott Pratt Semi-Pto13202
Karl Baker40192
Paul Lowe40146
Ian Tervarthen18144
Steve Stanford Pro22 (1)1992
Andy Phillips Semi-Pro81859
Alan Hall Pro771826
Juli Stanford Pro111812
Jack Hodges Semi -Pro51705
Chris Watkiss Pro441625
Adam Slater Pro241572
Dave Watkiss Pro41547
Ryan Allgood Pro381273
Ben Lymn Pro191174
Scott Pratt Semi-Pto131161
Paul Allen Pro251110
Paul Sweeney Pro31058
Harry Tiller Pro69929
Shuggy Brown Semi-Pro2926
David Church Pro33781
Rich Walker Pro12769
Steven Holgate Semi-Pro51686
Dom Tranquille Semi-Pro53644
Dan Ashton Semi-Pro14472
Jacob Roff40472
Martin Farrington3331
David Walker Pro29323
Trevor Slogget Semi-Pro73322
Chris Gilfoy Semi-Pro78142
Nick Spicer Semi -Pro32265
Paul Hinkley99186
Ben Taylor20186
Ian Tervarthen18158
Rob Smith Semi-Pro18146
Darren Anslow16142
Team CVS#04 + #444087
Team RCM (Race Cars Matter)#22 + #33973
Team North West Racing#8 + #53818
Team Lincolnshire Corvette#24 + #253622
Team The Stella Fellas#77 + #293092
Team Nifty Fifty#11 + #322978
Team 107#69 + #382853
Team The Flying Scotsmen#2 + #131817
Team Dic & Dom#12 + #531590
Team Eagle Fang Racing#78 + #66607
Team Fast & Loose#54 + #99458
Ryan Allgood Pro38663
Andy Phillips Semi-Pro8640
Ben Lymn19620
Dave Watkiss4588
Alan Hall Pro77572
Adam Slater Pro24548
Juli Stanford Pro11535
Paul Sweeney Pro3516
Nick Spicer Pro32485
Harry Tiller Pro69441
Chris Watkiss44389
Shuggy Brown Semi-Pro2338
Scott Pratt Semi-Pto13311
Steven Holgate Semi-Pro51297
Paul Allen pro25236
Steve Stanford Pro22 (1)218
David Walker Pro29197
Jack Hodges Semi -Pro5188
David Church Pro33168
Paul Hinckley Semi -Pro99149
Paul Lowe40146
Richard Walker12129
Richard Wilkes40125
Simon Gleasall22116
Stretton MacKay12110
Daniel Mountford53102

Booking in to race

  • Drivers – please note that the following table shows confirmed bookings for future meetings. If you do not have a ‘yes’ against your name then you are not currently booked in for that meeting
  • Drivers who turn up for a meeting who are not booked in will start at the rear of the grid for the first heat
  • Please call or e-mail or text to confirm attendance a minimum of 1 week before the meeting
# Driver Round 1 Birm Round 2 Birm Round 3 Hens Round 4 Buxt Round 5 Hens Round 6 Skeg Round 7 Skeg Round 8 Birm Round 9 Hens Round 10 Yarm Round 11 Belg Round 12 Belg Round 13 Alde Round 14 Buxt Round 15 Hens Round 16 Alde Round 17 Birm Presentation night Nov 27th 2021
22/1 Steve Stanford
4 Dave Watkiss
5 Jack Hodges
7 Shuggy Brown
8 Andy Phillips
9 Jay Bato
11 Juli Stanford
12 Richard Walker
13 Scott Pratt
14 Dan Ashton
16 Kevin Gabriel
19 Ben Lymn
24 Adam Slater
25 Paul Allen
26 Pete Andrews
29 David Walker
33 David Church
35 Martin Farrington
42 Paul Sweeney
44 Chris Watkiss
51 Steven Holgate
52 Charlie Taylor
54 Craig Stamp
66 Chris Girdler
69 Harry Tiller
73 Trevor Sloggett
77 Allen Hall
78 Chris Gilfoy
81 Simon Gleadell
82 Ross Naylar
48 For Sale
/ For Sale
/ For Sale
/ FOR Sale
/ For Sale

Grid Formations For next meeting

  • Based on average points scored over the last 3 meetings attended, in reverse order
  • No Average for that season or previous season you start at rear for first heat only
  • Each Rookie completes 3 meetings from the rear of the grid for the first heat only.
  • R = 2022 Rookie of the Year title contender

Grid  Format for 

Provisional 1st Heat  grid positions for next meeting, grid positions may be subject to further changes

Grid row
Front Row

Tyre Allocations 2022

In order to prevent tyre costs spiralling, ACCR UK drivers are allowed a maximum of 14 tyres per season

  • Each driver is allocation 4 slicks and 4 wets at the start of each season (Driver means licenced and Joined Before Round One) up to Round three then if the initial allocation of 4 + 4 is not taken this is reduced to max of 2 of each tyre after round three, after this point drivers then start earning extra allocation on meetings attended see rule book for full details. ( Exemption to this is any new drivers not previously licenced buying a car may take the initial 4 + 4 if joining during the season after round three)
  • Any tyres new not used in that season can be carried over but will come off your allocation for a genuine 14 tyre allocation for that season..

Documents & Downloads

ACCR UK Drivers please download the license application and Driver Members Official form and return both to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd for processing dont forget payment made out to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd and 3 x photos.

Junior ACCR UK Drivers Licence form download and return to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd with 3 x photos and payment made to American Cup Car Racing UK Ltd

Do not return any forms direct to track promotions.

For Team Championship & Semi Pro option fill out above form and post with licence

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