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New to JACCR UK? – Here is some information about this junior series for the UK. These are the UK’s version of Mini cups, with the cars racing at the same meetings as their Senior ‘brothers’, at the UK’s premier 1/4 mile oval tracks.

The JACCR race car is a recent series to the UK although well established within the USA. The cars are ½ scale and a non-contact formula but hey… rubbing is racing and if you ain’t rubbing you ain’t racing! The cars are all built in the USA just like the cars you see on YouTube under ‘mini cup series’. They have tubular chassis, adjustable suspension, coil-over Avco or Pro Tech shocks, disc brakes and rack & pinion steering. They’re truly a very well built car: very safe and very strong chassis with a centre driving position for extra safety. With cars in the USA doing nearly 100mph we have had to restrict them slightly for the UK ovals, with both the Honda GX390 engine or Loncin engine legal for use. 

The goal of the series is to provide an inexpensive entry-level car racing experience for new junior drivers or young Karting drivers wanting that proper race car experience. There is one division that will use the Junior American Cup Car: the Super Cup Series. That is for young adults aged 8-16 called the Future Stars of Racing. The cars are identical in every respect except that the Super Cup cars will be using a small carburettor to reduce the power of the engine to approx. 24HP.  

If you have always wanted to race but didn’t have the money, time and pit crew, Junior American Cup Cars may be the answer. These cars can be run on a minimum budget of around £1000 per season with entry costs of £25 per meeting – and their small size means you don’t need a great big workshop or massive transporter, a normal garage and small trailer and family car will suffice.

The cars, engines, and rules for Junior American Cup Cars are the same nationwide so there is a level playing field for all competitors with restricted sealed engines, a limited number of slicks and wets, and controlled shocks and springs. The rulebook states: if it ain’t listed you can’t do it! So no chassis mods, all identical stuff – with fully adjustable suspension arms and tie bars just like the proper cars, gearing options and a minimum car & driver weight – this is a one-make series so you have everything that your fellow competitor has. Ultimately, it’s all about driver skill and set up: how fair is that?

Here are the specifications for the Junior American Cup Cars:

ENGINE:Honda GX 390 or Loncin Engine – 4 Stroke, OHV Single Cylinder · Displacement – 389 cc · Horsepower (stock) – 24 · Air Cooled · Electric Start · Clutch – Dry Centrifugal
BODY:Hand Layed Fiberglass · Lexan Windshield · Gelcoat Gray · Body styles: Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Ford Taurus, Pontiac Grand Prix, Dodge Intrepid
CHASSIS: 1.125 by .065 Mild Steel · MIG Welded · Upper & Lower Control Arms · Caster, Camber, Toe Adjustments · Movable Pedals
STEERING & SUSPENSION:Rack & Pinion. Adjustable Coil Over Shocks · Fully Adjustable Rear Suspension
WHEELS AND TIRES:8 by 6.5 Polished Aluminium 4 Bolt Wheels · 15 by 7 Hoosier Slicks & wets NUMBERS CONTROLLED TO MAXIMUM 8 SLICKS & 8 WETS PER SEASON keeping costs to race to a minimum.
MISC:Five Point Racing Harness and Window Net · Dual Caliper Disc Brake · Quick Release Steering Wheel · Aluminium Kirkey Seat, Child Sizes 8 – 16 

Complete cars and Kit cars contain everything listed above … every nut, bolt and washer, even rivets and belts and tuned sealed brand new engine All the bodies come as white Gel coat which can be either sprayed or wrapped or left as is. The chassis for complete cars are powder coated in various colours – the only item needed to complete these cars are the seat … we even throw in  4 brand new slicks to get you started.


Now for the BIG Question of how much?

Well the great thing about it is we have all brand new cars ready to go.

We also now have a great selection of used cars from the USA with prices starting from £3000 upwards.

1 – Straight outright purchase Complete Brand New car on the button new, (you just need to get a seat and paint and decals) for £POA

2 – A complete Kit everything even the rivets – to put the car together including wheels and slick tyres, no seat for £POA

Both options above available for a £2K deposit to secure your car: currently 6 -8 weeks delivery on all cars.

Option 3 – Hire a car for the season: you transport and maintain. You can add your own colours and decals etc for £2K plus a £1K damage waiver for any damages caused during the hire period. Option to purchase the car at any time during the hire period, or £240.00 per meeting for the first meeting and £200.00 per meeting thereafter. This is an ‘arrive and drive’ package.

Are you excited? Maybe Junior American Cup Cars are your ticket out of the stands and into the action.  If you would like to receive more information about Junior American Cup Car racing in your area, see Contact page and send us a mail or call Steve on – 07540934998.

 This is the only true Junior proper purpose-built race car with fully adjustable suspension and slick tyres available now in the UK. Why not become one of our future stars and come and try before you buy? With a great purchase plan available just come and talk to us and you could be racing one of these cars within days.

Car Dimensions

Car Total Length 2080mm front of body to rear of body, Wheel Base 1530mm centre to centre, Car width 1130mm outer tyre to outer tyre, Car Height top of cab 840mm to floor on slicks, Front Bonnet height 600mm, rear Boot height 600mm, Front over hang from front wheels 500mm, Rear overhang from wheels 410mm, Bonnet length 900mm, boot length 360mm, Inner tyre to tyre wheel base 750mm, Car weight minimum including driver 310kg so dry weight is minus your drivers weight = car weight, set of wet tyres 14kg each wheel and tyre weighs 3.5kg each, ground clearance 25mm-75mm, 

Note all measurements are approx. and are given in mm and are used for guidance only.



  • DNF (Did Not Finish – car begun race but did not finish): scores 35 points for that race

  • DNS (Did Not Start – car unable to start race): scores 20 points for the missed race

  • DSQ (Disqualified): zero points scored

Any championship ties will be split by a count back of race wins, then 2nd places and finally 3rd places over the season / eligible rounds.

Points can also be lost at an event in the form of penalties.



Meet Our Sponsors

Why not have your company associated with the Junior ACCR UK series for 2023?

Sponsorship opportunities are now available for the 2023 Junior ACCR UK season. Individual / track titles are available to sponsor from as little as £100, or alternatively you can offer goods, services or discounts in exchange for sponsorship.



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