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JUNIOR American Cup Car Racing UK 2023 Race Dates

2023 Junior Hire Cars

2023 Hire Cars Contact 07540934998 for further Updates!


Overall Leaderboard 2023

Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Reily Fields17553
Andrew Slater24511
Oscar Dustan1510
Lou Millard21495
Lara Spicer32475
Evan Walker63428
Noah Slater50419
Carter Burnett22397
Nicolas Farmer46394
Darntai Stuart11393
Callum Fields27367
Ollie Chalkley96359
Layton Malton77201
Ben Hughes16162
Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Reily Fields17200
Andrew Slater24169
Noah Slater50156
Lara Spicer32152
Lou Millard21151
Oscar Dustan1149
Nicolas Farmer46148
Carter Burnett22141
Evan Walker63131
Ollie Chalkley96126
Darntai Stuart11125
Callum Fields27119
Layton Malton7767
Ben Hughes1654
Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Reily Fields17286
Lou Millard21280
Andrew Slater24251
Oscar Dustan1243
Lara Spicer32222
Evan Walker63220
Noah Slater50213
Nicolas Farmer46212
Layton Malton77201
Darntai Stuart11186
Ollie Chalkley96184
Callum Fields27172
Carter Burnett22162
Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Oscar Dustan1267
Reily Fields17267
Andrew Slater24260
Lara Spicer32253
Carter Burnett22235
Lou Millard21215
Evan Walker63208
Darntai Stuart11207
Noah Slater50206
Callum Fields27195
Nicolas Farmer46182
Ollie Chalkley96175
Ben Hughes16162
Drivers NameDriver NumberTotal Points
Evan Walker63428
Callum Fields27367
Ollie Chalkley96359
Ben Hughes16162
Team Name Driver 1Driver 2Total Points
Team 23224665
Team 3163658
Team 51750616
Team 11121612
Team 42227504
Team 64696479
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Booking in You must call Juli to confirm Booking in the Spedeworth Office to pay!

  • Drivers – please note that the following –
  • Drivers who turn up for a meeting who are not booked in will start at the rear of the grid for the first heat
  • Please call or e-mail or text to confirm attendance a minimum of 1 week before the meeting to Juli on 07540934998
  • 2023 DONT FORGET TO CANCEL 5 days min in advance IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE IT!

2023 Junior Tyre Allocation max tyres 2023 12 - 6 wets & 6 slicks

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