Mascar Racing Secures Future

Mascar Racing Secures Future

I am very pleased to announce that after a meeting held on  the 17th Jan 2019 with Deane Wood, Spedeworth, Incarace and ORCI, we can 110% confirm we have the continued full backing of Deane and the ORCi as the only sanctioned Racing series using Baby Grand race cars and Mini Cups in the UK, and the only series that will be recognised under the ORCI banner.

It is never good to dilute any formula as the strength is in the numbers and is key to future security, hence why we agreed to have a meeting with all parties, to try and resolve this issue. Sometimes challenges happen that give you a wakeup call. this has only resulted in making us a stronger unit overall.

On the back of this, we have some fantastic news and further announcements to be made shortly of 9 new drivers joining the series for 2019, with even more hire drivers already booked in for various meetings and more race teams formed than ever before.

We do have more cars arriving from the USA soon, as we only have a few cars left in our UK stock.

We have an awesome race calendar of 16 rounds over 11 weekends for the 2019 season ! Also we have put in place a great junior incentive and programme for the 2019 season which will see bigger grids for our junior formula, and further expansion.

Our thanks must go to Deane Wood the owner of Incarace, Spedeworth and our ORCI representative, who organised and chaired the meeting in an attempt to understand the situation.

The matter has now been resolved on our behalf and the series stability confirmed. As MASCAR Racing (Baby-grand racecars) including our junior formula JASCAR (Mini-Cups) will be the only officially recognized series here in the UK.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support through times of unrest, especially all the series drivers, fans, and promoters concerned!

This has hopefully put the matter to bed once and for all and quashed all the rumours and false claims currently being made through various third parties on social media.

The future is bright! Onwards and Upwards for these two great formula’s !

Steve Stanford Director
MASCAR Racing Ltd
(Incorporating JASCAR Racing (Mini Cups)

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