Five More 2019 Titles Confirmed!

Five More 2019 Titles Confirmed!

Firstly Congratulations to our new SITR Midlands 400 Champion The #65 Mark Carnwell has taken another championship with Runner up #24 Adam Slater and #56 James Waterfield, Well done to everyone for another close fought championship.

To add to the list of confirmed Champions we would also like to congratulate the #24 Adam Slater who is the new Cladswell Campers Semi Pro Champion even though he tied on points with #25 Paul Allen on count back #24 takes the title on wins congrats to both drivers on a close fought championship, Both drivers also tie on the top rookie points title too which is another first in the history of the sport.

Congratulations To the New All comers Champion Joe Nickolls F1 driver who drove the #25 to victory after #4 Ben Chalkley took the chequered flag but was docked for contact then Jason Kew driving the #44 came in second but was also docked for use of the bumper giving Joe Nickolls in the #25 the victory with #99 Adrian Blackwell taking an very good 4th place in the #99 well done to all drivers and thanks to those who entrusted their pride and joy great race to watch.

#22 Steve Stanford takes 2019 I Factor Title with #38 Ryan Allgood and #1 Nick Spicer taking 3rd Congratulations to all the drivers for a great race.

Well done to all drivers and congratulations to our new championship winners!

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